LDAPUserSatellite - Configure: Set the basic configuration for the LDAPUserSatellite


This view is used to change the basic settings of a LDAPUserSatellite.


The (optional) title for this object
LDAP user Folder
The LDAP User Folder this Satellite is cooperating with.
Groups Base DN
The DN for the branch of your LDAP database that contains group records. Groups embody Zope roles. A user which is part of a "Manager" group will have the "Manager" role if the LDAPUserSatellite is invoked for role manipulation during a request. This is an optional setting and presents one of two ways to add roles to a user. See Group Mappings below for the other method.
Groups search scope
Choose the depth for all searches from the group search base dn. This setting is optional as well.
Log Level
Specify what kinds of events get logged. The different log levels are:
Select how the LDAPUserSatellite operates. It can either operate in a simple fashion where roles are manipulated based on the rules defined in this LDAPUserSatellite, or in recursive mode where all LDAPUserSatellite objects between this location and the root are called and each one applies its own role changes so that a cumulative effect is reached. Recursive operation is potentially expensive and should only be used if you know what you are doing.
Apply Changes
Save your configuration changes.
Group Mappings
Group mappings are the second way to add roles to a user in the context governed by the LDAPUsersatellite object. This part of the configuration screen will show all existing mappings as well as a form to enter a new mapping.

Adding a mapping means that if a user has the role specified by LDAP Group the role Zope Role will be added if the user object enters the context governed by this LDAPUserSatellite object.

Mappings only add roles. They never subtract roles.